GMH provides respiratory rehabilitation

XENIA — Respiratory Service Coordinator Alesha Powell wants to tell everyone about the Greene Memorial Hospital’s Rehabilitation Department.

A variety of patients need physical rehabilitation and respiratory services Powell said, “We help people with COPD, asthma, pulmonary conditions, lung cancer patients both pre and post-surgery and so much more. We don’t just re-train their breathing through exercise, but we teach them how to manage their overall well-being.”

Powell and staff have helped people pursue a healthier lifestyle – teaching patients the best practices for the whole body and mind.

Greene Memorial Hospital’s rehabilitation program works in three phases. The first follows immediately after treatment, then once a patient is discharged from the hospital, phases 2-3 are essential in the patient’s long- term recovery.

Phase 2 is 36 sessions of monitored exercise therapy. Phase 3 is the maintenance part of the program, which allows the patient to continue to exercise while being in the care of staff. In addition, patients receive counseling on diet and stress reduction.

“I want to help as many people as we can,” she said. “It’s about a patient being able to see their grandchild play or just doing the basic things that for years they have been unable to do. I so enjoy seeing the joy in people’s eyes. So many of our patients get a chance to live life again because they have improved so much.”

Staff in the rehab department teach patients about the medications they use, how to exercise and breath while exercising. Powell and staff can monitor blood pressure and breathing at the same time the patient is exercising.

In the workout center patients help each other she added, “When a patient sees the person next to them working out it is inspirational. It’s a place where everyone helps each other. It’s like a family here and it grows each year.”

“I think if more people knew about just how great the rehab department is at Greene they would get a benefit from it.

Patients should talk with their physician to get a referral to the department.

To learn more about the center contact 937-352-2722.