CU class president received new life

CEDARVILLE — Logan Stringfield, a senior from Aiken, South Carolina will graduate in May, 2019 with an allied health degree, three years experience as class president, and a life changed by God’s grace.

Like many Cedarville students, Logan Stringfield was raised in a Bible-believing, church-going family. He repeated a salvation prayer when he was eight and was baptized shortly after. He began to doubt his salvation in middle school and those doubts continued through high school.

When he began his college search, a mailout from Cedarville University sparked his interest. He narrowed his choices, and although some other schools were appealing, Stringfield felt called to attend Cedarville.

Stringfield had frequently struggled with anxiety and doubt, and his first few days on campus were so filled with homesickness that he was physically sick. That year, the Fall Bible Conference speaker was Clayton King, founder and president of Crossroads Missions and Clayton King Ministries.

“I remember it was the second night of the Bible conference; Clayton King was speaking about weakness,” Stringfield recalled. “I had never felt so convicted in my life. I just sat there and cried the whole time. I realized that all the anxiety and sickness I had been experiencing was because I was trying to do everything on my own strength. I didn’t have a personal relationship with God.”

Stringfield went forward after the service and began to pray. After the music had stopped and everyone was leaving, he finally stood up and bumped into Dr. Thomas White, president of Cedarville university. They sat down together and White led Stringfield to know Christ as his personal savior.

“Everything changed after that prayer,” Stringfield said. “The introduction of this relationship with Christ gave me the strength and passion to pursue involvement on campus”

Stringfield ran for, and was elected, treasurer of the freshman class. The following year, he won the position of sophomore class president, a victory he repeated each year since.

“I see my position on student council as a ministry, a way to serve people,” Stringfield said. “My victories are a testament to how the ability and strength to win and perform well in office comes from Christ.”

“I remember the first time that Logan disclosed his story with me as we were sharing a meal together in the back of Chuck’s,” said Ryan Smith, Logan’s close friend and current student body president. “From that moment, I’ve always appreciated Logan’s eagerness to learn and willingness to be corrected. Over the course of three years, I’ve seen him recognize his humble position before our God. Logan Stringfield’s testimony is the true definition of a transformed life.”

On top of his student council commitments, Stringfield was working through a rigorous allied health program. He had chosen to go into healthcare after watching his grandmother and both parents go through cancer. He was familiar with hospitals and saw it as an incredible place to minister.

“I want to be there for people who have been through life-altering circumstances and love them during those times,” Stringfield explained. “My professors have been a consistent example of leadership and stewardship. They love their field and they love the Lord Jesus Christ.”

“While I wasn’t there for his initial salvation, I can say that for as long as I have known Logan, he has enthusiastically and transparently embraced God’s working in his life,” said Dr. Evan Hellwig, chair of the allied health department and Stringfield’s academic advisor. “He has sought out opportunities to serve others on and off campus, in the local church and overseas with humility and graciousness.”

After graduation in May, Stringfield hopes to move into grad school to complete a two-year occupational therapy degree. He hopes to work specifically in pediatric care and special needs care.

“My four years at Cedarville are not defined by my positions on class council,” said Stringfield. “They are defined by the change that God performed in me over these four years. I now have a passion for people and aim to be approachable and caring. Cedarville prepared me not only academically, but spiritually as well. I wouldn’t have rather spent four years anywhere else.”