Township unveils new logo

By Linda Collins - For the Fairborn Herald

Submitted graphic of the new logo.

Submitted graphic of the new logo.

BATH TOWNSHIP — Bath Township officially unveiled its new logo for the very first time July 3 at the City of Fairborn’s Fourth of July block party.

The logo was displayed on the rear of the “Turning Up the Heat on Cancer” Pink Medic, along with logos of other townships and cities who are sponsors of the cancer awareness campaign. The Pink Medic, which was donated by the City of Fairborn, appears at community celebrations and events to help raise cancer awareness and financial support for the Circle of Victory and Pink Ribbon Girls charitable organizations. Both charities provide assistance for those individuals battling cancer, such as financial aid, meals, transportation, housekeeping and wigs.

“The logo was hot off the press. The Fairborn Fire Department wanted the logo for the Fourth of July parade, so we had to jump through some loops to get the decal ready for the Pink Medic,” Township Fiscal Officer Elaine Brown said July 3. “We are quite pleased with how it turned out.”

During the June 20 township meeting, the board of trustees unanimously approved the first official logo that will be used as the township’s identifying symbol. Township Trustee Steve Ross said the unique logo would differentiate the township from other municipalities in the county and state.

“Bath Township has never had a logo before, and this logo looks very nice,” Ross said.

The logo has primarily incorporated maps into its design. The design features a gold star that marks the location of Bath Township in the upper, left-hand corner of a bright green Greene County map, which is situated in the southwestern corner of a lighter green State of Ohio map. The words “Bath Township,” which are printed in bold black letters, and “Greene County” are embossed on a white background that is positioned to the right of the Ohio map.

“The primary message of the logo is the location of the township, since we are frequently confused with the Bath Townships in Summit and Allen Counties. The green color seems an obvious choice for the shape of the county since it is Greene County,” said Brown. “Members of the township staff thought the lighter green for the shape of the state provided a nice contrast to the brighter green county shape without making the image too busy.”

The township trustees and staff started the process of creating an official logo a month ago and worked with Elizabeth Dearth, a graphic designer at Dearth Design, designing the logo. The chosen design was one of three draft designs Dearth submitted to township trustees for a final review.

According to Ross, the logo will now be the “new face” of the township and will appear on the township’s letterhead and official website. The township will also be checking prices for applying the logo to township vehicles.

“The new logo will be used more and more as time go by,” said Ross.

Submitted graphic of the new logo. graphic of the new logo.

By Linda Collins

For the Fairborn Herald

Linda Collins is a freelance writer for Greene County News.

Linda Collins is a freelance writer for Greene County News.