Byron Road to undergo construction

By Linda Collins - For the Fairborn Herald

BATH TOWNSHIP — Bath Township officials have been discussing its 2018 road projects. Byron Road has been included in that conversation.

The trustees signed off on a plan to mill and repave the northern section of Byron Road, which runs north and south from West Yellow Springs-Fairfield Road to State Route 235 and unanimously approved the milling and repaving of the southern section of Byron Road, from State Route 235 to West Dayton-Yellow Springs Road, during the May 2 township meeting.

Bath Township Trustee Steve Ross reported that he had contacted Rusty Strader, quality control manager at Fairborn Cement Company, about a considerable increased in truck traffic in recent weeks on the southern section of Byron Road. During the May 2 township meeting, township resident Dave Anderson stated that a large number of red dump trucks were using the road as a major route to haul large amounts of materials on a daily basis.

Ross told company officials that Byron Road was a public thoroughfare. Therefore, the company could use it at its own discretion. However, he pointed out to them that Byron Road was a country road that township trustees considered too narrow for such traffic.

“When traveling in the opposing direction, it is a really good idea for drivers of passenger vehicles to ease on the berm of the road or put their life at risk,” Ross wrote in an e-mail to Strader. “When there are opposing trucks, the berms on both sides of the road are being compromised.”

Ross further emphasized to company officials that Byron Road was in need of repair, partly due to truck traffic. However, the township did not have enough funding to widen the road. Ross inquired about another route that the truck drivers could possibly use.

Ross said that the plant manager replied to his e-mail immediately. The manager explained that Fairborn Cement Company had a short-term project and had contracted a trucking company to haul the materials. However, that project is now completed.

The plant manager also asked Ross if the township trustees had considered permanently closing the section of Byron Road between State Route 235 and West Dayton-Yellow Springs Road. Ross thanked the manager for his prompt reply and responded to the plant manager’s suggestion regarding the closure of the road.

“I told him that his suggestion was an interesting thought that I looked forward to bringing up at the next township meeting,” Ross said.

Township Trustee Tom Pitstick noted that a similar proposal was made approximately 20 years ago, and the county commissioners vetoed it, to his recollection.

The Bath Township Road Department currently maintains and repairs 29.83 miles of township roads.

The Bath Township Board of Trustees will meet again in regular session at 7 p.m. Wednesday, May 30, 1006 Yellow Springs-Fairfield Road.

By Linda Collins

For the Fairborn Herald

Linda Collins is a freelance writer for Greene County News.

Linda Collins is a freelance writer for Greene County News.