Nursing was Fogle’s calling



BEAVERCREEK — Carolina Fogle found her calling in nursing and is currently a clinical nurse manager at Soin Medical Center.

One of three nurses in her family, Fogle said, “By never turning down an opportunity presented to me, I strive to do my best and become an expert at whatever I do.”

She is a clinical professional with more than 30 years of acute care, supervision and management experience. She has been at Soin since 2011 and was previously with Grandview Medical Center. Fogle has a master of science in nursing leadership and management, bachelor’s degree in nursing and an associate degree in nursing.

Fogle’s nursing unit specializes in orthopedic and spine surgeries, trauma and complex hernia surgeries.

“I learned later in my nursing career the role of the Frontier Nursing Service in providing health care to my family in rural Kentucky,” she said. “Without their passion and dedication my family may not have fared as well as they did. That knowledge stays with me and continues to inspire me to carry on. Plus my gratitude toward those who mentored me inspires me to ‘pay it forward’ and carry on by mentoring and growing the next generation of caregivers who may just need someone to offer opportunities, encouragement, and direction.”

The clinical nurse manager is inspired daily to her call to duty – not only to her patients, but those in her organization. Born and raised in the Miami Valley, she lives in Dayton.

Fogle’s motto is to have, “A belief in service to others, flexibility, resilience, and integrity.”

She enjoys working at Soin, “It is a very dynamic environment where leadership and team members are open to the changing environment. We set goals for achieving best outcomes for our patient population as a team, while staying true to our mission and vision – that is what makes Soin a wonderful place to be.”

Married to a Dayton Police officer, Fogle has four step-children and one “spoiled” cat at home. In her free time she loves to garden, spend time with her family and loves hockey.

“I am truly fortunate to be able to practice my career with a faith-based network that has supported me and supported my growth in providing care for patients, families, and inspires me to continue to do my best,” said Fogle.

Story courtesy of The Greene Medical Foundation – Greene Memorial Hospital and Soin Medical Center hospital.