B-W Greenway hosts annual meeting

FAIRBORN — The B-W Greenway Community Land Trust Annual Meeting, held March 15, included an overview of the 20 years of growth and success for B-W Greenway.

Attendees enjoyed visiting with friends and refreshments as well as hearing a fantastic presentation by Susan Jennings, executive director of the Arthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions. Jennings’s presentation provided a history of the institute and an overview of plans for the future.

“B-W Greenway was so fortunate to have Susan as the guest speaker,” B-W Greenway Development Coordinator Pat Higgins wrote in a press release.

Aaron Onufrak of the B-W Greenway Board of Trustees, gave an overview of the many projects over the past 20 years, and highlighted projects from 2017 and projects to come for 2018. Chris Crowley, vice president of the board, presented the nominations for the board and presided over the election. The 2018 new board members are: Amber Burgett, Aaron Onufrak and Thomas Byrne. Meanwhile, Jim Byrd, treasurer of B-W Greenway, updated attendees on 2017 expenses and revenues, using graphics.

The highlight of the evening was the Green Heart Award presentation to Karen Tracy.

“Karen has been a dedicated volunteer for many years and we are so appreciative of all of her help,” Higgins wrote.