Conine to serve as YS mayor

By Whitney Vickers - [email protected]



YELLOW SPRINGS — The Village of Yellow Springs elected Pam Conine Nov. 7 to serve as the new mayor.

The mayor is responsible for holding Mayor’s Court twice per month, which addresses happenings that take place in the Yellow Springs Police Department jurisdiction such as misdemeanor offenses as well as items such as zoning, animal and tax-related cases, assault and passing bad checks.

Conine defeated three other candidates, receiving 1032 out of the total 1,627 votes, or 63.43 percent of the ballots. Candidates Laura Curliss received 276 votes, or 16.96 percent; while Catherine Price received 45 votes, or 2.77 percent. Gerald Simms, a current council member, received 274 votes, or 16.84 percent.

Conine’s new role also means that long-time village mayor Dave Foubert is ending his 26-year term in local politics.

In a questionnaire sent out by this newspaper to all village mayor candidates, Conine said she is a 42-year educator and has held a number of leadership positions within many village groups.

“My temperament and personality lend themselves to the even-handed dispensation of local justice required in such a village court,” she said in the questionnaire of mayor’s court. “A second aspect of the job is to perform the ceremonial duties expected of a mayor. I would look forward with gusto to such an opportunity to represent Yellow Springs, a village that values social justice, diversity, fair-mindedness and self-expression.”

Conine said she would also like to utilize her new role to increase educational aspects in regards to the inner workings of local government to the school district.

The village incorporated a justice system task force more than one year ago, according to Conine, which seeks avenues to address citizens concerns on topics such as local policing.

“One of these recommendations calls for expanded use of mayor’s court for violations that can legally be heard there,” Conine said in the questionnaire. “I support this recommendation as I am in favor of local solutions for local problems.”

She added that she would like to see the mayor’s court used effectively, efficiently and fairly and favors “restorative approaches and techniques within the court when appropriate.”


By Whitney Vickers

[email protected]

Contact Whitney Vickers at 937-502-4532.

Contact Whitney Vickers at 937-502-4532.