Bath Township meets candidates

By Whitney Vickers -

Editor’s note: This is the second story to a two-part series highlighting the Greene County Tea Party’s Meet the Candidate’s event, hosted Oct. 17. The first story highlighted Fairborn mayor and city council candidates, while the second story highlights Bath Township trustee candidates.

FAIRBORN — Bath Township citizens will soon select two individuals to serve as a trustee. However, before they cast their votes on election day Tuesday, Nov. 7, the Greene County Tea Party offered locals the opportunity to meet the candidates.

The three candidates for Bath Township Trustee had the opportunity to address the crowd for five minutes at a time and answer questions provided by the audience. Candidates Michelle Clements-Pitstick and John Martin were unable to attend the event. Carolyn Uecker of the Greene County Tea Party read statements on each of their behalf.

Clements-Pitstick made note to a freelance reporter for Greene County News that she and Tom Pitstick are of no relation to each other.

The Greene County Tea Party also provided information concerning Issues 1 and 2.

Bath Township candidates

Three candidates are vying for two seats.

Michelle Clements-Pitstick said that while she is new to the political arena, she is not new to public service. She has served as a 911 dispatcher for the last 11 years, as a volunteer firefighter/EMT since high school and most currently as a Careflight dispather. Clements-Pitstick credits crisis management as a strong skill set and feels that it is essential when serving in a leadership position.

She feels that the most important issue facing Bath Township is its contract with the City of Fairborn concerning emergency services which is set to expire on Dec. 31.

John Martin (incumbent) said he has lived in the township since the 1960s and is going for his fifth term as a trustee, making his first run in the late 1990s. However, before he served as a township trustee, he served as township attorney.

He said in recent years, trustees have been tasked with maintaining township items and services in addition to paying township employees with less funds provided by the state. He hopes to continue moving Bath Township is a positive direction and maintain a good relationship with the City of Fairborn.

Tom Pitstick (incumbent) said he operates a five-generation family farm and has served on the Greene County Farmland Preservation Task Force, among other organizations and as a 4H advisor and as president of the Greene County Farm Bureau. In addition to serving as a Bath Township trustee, he is currently serving as vice president of Greene County Regional Planning Commission.

He feels that the biggest challenge as a Bath Township trustee is being fiscally responsible with the number of items the township must oversee, such as maintaining roads and Byron Cemetery, among others.

By Whitney Vickers

Contact Whitney Vickers at 937-502-4532.

Contact Whitney Vickers at 937-502-4532.