Bath Township applying chip seal surface treatment to 14 local roads

By Linda Collins - Fairborn Daily Herald

BATH TOWNSHIP — Bath Township officials will be applying a fog seal asphalt treatment to 14 local roads that were recently paved with a chip seal surface treatment.

Roads include Wilkerson Road, Cornerstone Trail, Appaloosa Trail, Palomino Drive, Horseman Drive, Lancaster Drive, Axe Drive, Warner Drive, Park Street, Valleyview Drive, North Drive, Short Street, Boxwood Drive, and Wylie Drive.

Bath Township Road Supervisor Vern Heizer explained during a trustee meeting that the fog seal liquid asphalt helps secures the stone laid during the chip seal process and locks it into place. It also produces a deeper black surface, and helps waterproof the chip seal pavement.

“It actually bonds the rocks in there. If there are any voids, it fills them,” Heizer said. “You are actually putting a bonding agent over the rocks so nothing can penetrate it.”

The township contracted Miller-Mason Paving Company, a Hillsboro-based company, to apply the chip seal to the township roads. Heizer said he was very pleased with the paving contractor’s quality of work and would contract the company to apply the fog seal. He stated that Miller-Mason is currently sweeping the roads in preparation for the fog seal.

The road-paving contractor will return in the fall to apply chip seal to the lower half of Valleyview Drive and Dogwood Circle, which is currently undergoing utility work. Plans are also underway to apply a mastic asphalt seal to the roads next year. According to Heizer, applying the fog seal and a mastic sealant on the chip seal pavement extends the life of the roads from three-to-four years to six years. He also pointed out that the chip seal treatment is a very cost effective way to pave the township roads in comparison to microsurfacing the roads.

“The fog seal will cost around $10,000 which is about what the township saved by applying chip seal to Wilkerson Road instead of microsurfacing it,” Heizer said.

However, the road supervisor said he would attempt to get a better price for the fog seal treatment.

Bath Township Zoning Inspector Jim Miller reported to township trustees that the Province off-campus apartments, located at 3419 Cloveridge Court in Fairborn, is under new ownership. The new owner, he said, has submitted an application for a signage change.

“The owner wants to increase the size of the signage and add lighting,” Miller said. “The original signage was approved in the PUD (planned unit development) by the zoning commission. I felt it was important that the owner make a presentation to the township trustees before the application is approved.”

He explained that the PUD allows township trustees to make minor changes to the signage plans. According to the Ohio Revised Code, once property has been rezoned as a planned-unit development, subsequent development on that property shall comply with the planned-unit development regulations, as determined by the board of township trustees or township zoning commission.

Miller said he would arrange for the new owner to make a presentation to the board of trustees at the next township meeting. The trustees agreed to review the application. This way they can determine if the proposed signage is too big or if a change in lighting would cause light pollution in the off-campus area.

By Linda Collins

Fairborn Daily Herald

Linda Collins is a freelance writer for Greene County News.

Linda Collins is a freelance writer for Greene County News.