Volunteers plant trees, spray honeysuckle

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XENIA — Planting trees and removing honeysuckle at Greene County Parks & Trails’ (GCP&T) Jacoby Canoe Launch outside Xenia was a sign of spring with the combined volunteer efforts of the Little Miami River Kleeners, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Greene County Parks & Trails as well as local, national and international employees from Xylem based in Yellow Springs.

Xylem employees were attending a training conference in Yellow Springs and volunteered one afternoon to plant trees along the State and National Scenic Little Miami River at GCP&T’s Jacoby Canoe Launch. The trees will help reduce erosion along the river bank.

Several of the native tree species were grown at GCP&T’s Russ Nature Reserve Tree Nursery and include sycamore, red maple, red oak and swamp white oak. The GCP&T Maintenance division pre-dug the larger holes required for the trees.

Additional trees were purchased by Xylem from a local native nursery and included paw paw, serviceberry, button bush, hop tree, bur oak, buckeye, red osier dogwood, silky dogwood and more.

GCP&T welcomes the opportunity to work with organizations dedicated to preserving the natural resources of Greene County.

“We can accomplish so much more by partnering on projects that benefit the green spaces of our region,” said GCP&T Director Chrisbell Bednar. “Greene County is fortunate to have several environmental groups that do wonderful work that benefit both residents and visitors to our area.”

Approximately 60 trees and shrubs were planted at the park that offers primitive camping, fishing and a canoe launch.

Invasive honeysuckle was also cut back at Jacoby Canoe Launch and the stumps sprayed with glysophate.

For more information about GCP&T or its Jacoby Canoe Launch, call 937-562-6440, email [email protected] or visit www.gcparkstrails.com.




Greene County News

Story courtesy of Greene County Parks & Trails.

Story courtesy of Greene County Parks & Trails.