CWA: Teleperformance to offshore labor

FAIRBORN — Teleperformance is planning on closing its Fairborn call center on March 31, laying off 334 workers in the process.

According to the Communications Workers of America, a communications and media labor union, the Ohio layoffs are an example of Teleperformance’s behavior in the US and globally as the company routinely offshore call center work to overseas locations, locating the work to countries where the company has broad leeway to crack down on workers’ rights and union organizing.

The CWA states that Teleperformance is one of the leading corporations pursuing a business strategy that reduces wages, benefits and working conditions for call center and customer service industry workers on a global scale.

The CWA reports that it is for this reason that Teleperformance is the subject of a global accountability campaign lead by UNI Global Union, of which the CWA is an affiliate, to improve Teleperformance workers’ fundamental rights and working conditions.

“We are committed to working with Teleperformance to raising the bar on how it treats employees, and that will be a long-term benefit for the company, workers, and clients,” said Head of Department for UNI ICTS Teresa Casertano.