FCS seeking bids

FAIRBORN — Fairborn City School District Board of Education is announcing its intent to begin planning for a possible future bond issue to fund facility work in conjunction with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (“OFCC”).

The board announces its intent to contract for professional design services related to this endeavor. In accordance with its intent, the board invites design professionals interested in providing pre-bond service, including assisting the board in the pre-planning phase of construction, reviewing information presented in the OFCC Facilities Assessment Report, conducting community meetings and evaluating district site options, to submit their qualifications to provide such pre-bond services as stated herein.

All submissions must be received at the address below no later than 4 p.m. Friday, Jan. 11 in order to be considered. All proposals submitted by the date due will be evaluated and ranked in an objective manner. This ranking of completed RFP’s will determine the need for interviews if deemed necessary by the board.

Interested firms should submit written statements of qualifications plus three copies to: Kevin Philo, Fairborn City Schools treasurer, 306 E. Whittier Ave.