Rogalinskis celebrate 28 years together

Eric and Rhonda Rogalinski

Eric and Rhonda Rogalinski

FAIRBORN — One local couple has not only watched their children grow up — but each other as well.

Eric and Rhonda Rogalinski were born six weeks apart in Louisville, Kentucky. They were raised in a small community in Maryville, Kentucky on the outskirts of Louisville. They were sandbox buddies, playmates, schoolmates and best friends. They attended first thru 12 grades — together.

“My parents, Eric and Rhonda Rogalinski are the most amazing couple I know. I admire their values, ethics and love for each other,” their daughter Lauren Corwin wrote upon nomiting their love story to be featured in Greene County News.

Eric left for the Air Force a few months after high school graduation while Rhonda stayed behind to attend college. Three years later, they married and began a new chapter of their lives.

Eric served 20 years in the Air Force as an Air Traffic Controller and was often deployed. He spent over half of his service away from home, leaving Rhonda to raise four children.

“I admire my mom for working full time in dentistry, attending school all while having to go it alone at times,” Corwin wrote. “Dad spent his last two years of service away from his family. It was a difficult and challenging time as mom raised two teenage daughters and twin baby boys. Dad felt helpless as he was in a war zone unable to take care of his own family.”

According to Corwin, her parents sacrificed a great deal but stayed together throughout all the trial and tribulations that were presented to them — and 28 years later, they are still together holding strong and deeply in love. Corwin and her siblings were raised in the Catholic faith and were encouraged us to volunteer in the church and community.

“I think their faith and values influenced their commitment to their marriage and family,” Corwin wrote. “We were all raised to respect God, our country and others.”

Eric and Rhonda’s story not only warms the heart, but sends waves of inspiration to those closest to them.

“My husband and I mirrored our own wedding and values to reflect my parents as close as possible,” Corwin said. “We desire to be just like them.”

Eric and Rhonda Rogalinski and Rhonda Rogalinski