FCS responds to funding cuts

FAIRBORN — The State of Ohio announced that it would cut funding to public schools by 3.7 percent May 5. Fairborn City School officials estimate that it would result in a decrease of $808,000 to the district.

“While it is disappointing that public schools in Ohio will face a cut in funding immediately — and this loss will impact us — the Fairborn City School District is currently in a strong financial position,” Fairborn City School Treasurer Kevin Philo said.

Fairborn City School officials wrote in a press release that there were expectations that funding cuts would take place due to the current economic climate in Ohio.

“This could change even more depending upon the economy and its effect on future funding, property tax and income tax collection, but we feel confident that we will still continue to deliver a strong education to our Fairborn community,” Philo said.

Fairborn City Schools reports that its operating budget is approximately $50 million annually. District officials shared that it receives half of its funding from the State of Ohio, and the other half from local taxes.

“Our schools have made great improvements over the last two years, and with two new school buildings set to open in the next two years, we are anticipating even greater successes,” Fairborn City Schools Superintendent Gene Lolli said. “Public education funding cuts are never easy, but we are confident that we will overcome this and other challenges during these difficult times.”

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