Fairborn Church League standings


FAIRBORN — League standings through June 7 of the City of Fairborn Parks and Recreation Thursday Recreation Church League, plus game scores for the recent three weeks of play.


1. Maple Avenue Church of God B (6-1); 2. Huber Mennonite (5-2); 3. Medway United Methodist (3-5); 4.(tie) Engage City, St. Mark’s Episcopal (2-5).


June 7

St. Mark’s Episcopal 14, Medway United Methodist 13

Maple Avenue Church of God B 17, Huber Mennonite 11

Medway United Methodist 17, Engage City 4

May 31

Medway United Methodist 12, Huber Mennonite 11

Engage City 12, St. Mark’s Episcopal 6

Maple Avenue Church of God B 14, Engage City 1

May 24

Maple Avenue Church of God B 18, Medway United Methodist 8

Huber Mennonite 13, Engage City 6

Huber Mennonite 22, St. Mark’s Episcopal 6

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