A letter to Rob Anderson


Fairborn has made some of the worst decisions a city can make. Our previous city manager, Deb McDonnell didn’t much care for the residents of Fairborn and often got into shouting matches with us at city council meetings. She left town after a quick vacation and never came back. She’s now in the City of Poughkeepsie, N.Y. CEMEX left town, sold the plant and a lot of us, myself included, feel that this action gave those on city council a very nice golden parachute.

We have an inner city with more closed businesses than open establishments. No one builds in Fairborn, and though we are close to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and Wright State University, those that are employed or are going to school at these places have no idea how to get into Fairborn because we have made that as difficult.

Of course, this does not mention putting up a fence around Fairborn High School that is to be closed, dressing up the front of our elaborate park system with new fencing and masonry work, but not a shred of upkeep to keep any of the parks looking good. The one exception is the park at Dayton-Yellow Springs Road, where the corn festival is held.

The most important thing to address is our city logo on the water tower. Once upon a time we had an animal shelter that we “could not afford.” We have water problems in the inner city that floods after a day of rain.

We could be a friendly city. Turn Fairborn into a citywide WiFi hotspot. Those parks cannot be used in the winter and we need something since we see more winter than summer.

No one comes downtown much anymore and if you ride through downtown Fairborn, we have become a sandwich and a tank of gas so you can get to where you are going.

We could be better. We should be better. Council just does not care once they get their pensions.

— Dennis Gannon of Fairborn

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