Enon releases 2015 report


ENON — The village of Enon has released its annual report for 2015.

The report, now available to the public, summarizes the activities occurring within the village administrative offices during the 2015 calendar year and details the accomplishments and challenges of each village department.

Once again, the village met or exceeded all federal and state drinking water standards.

The village financed several major upgrades at the village’s water treatment plant in 2015 with funding from a 2014 Ohio Public Works Commission low-interest loan. The upgrades included the expansion of the roof on the south side of the facility, the installation of two water softener tanks and the replacement of outdated piping. Water works department employees also painted the walls, floors, and piping and spruced up the facility before village officials held a dedication ceremony in September and renamed the facility in honor of former Enon Mayor Charles Koons.

A number of maintenance tasks, inspections and monitoring activities of the water distribution system were performed throughout the year. At the water treatment plant, employees replaced the dehumidifier condensation pump and motor assembly, the chlorinator line tubing, the fluoride line tubing and the wastewater pumps. Maintenance was performed on the water softeners and valves — the chlorinator injection quill and brine pit were cleaned regularly and the stand-by diesel generator was tested on a weekly basis.

Village staff reviewed and updated the 2015 Public Water Supply Contingency Plan and the 2015 Laboratory Contingency Plan, as well as prepared the 2014 Consumer Confidence Report.

All four village wells were tested, and a programmed alarm system was installed on all four wells. The motor and pump impellers were cleaned and reconditioned on well #1, #3, and #4. The village also installed new gas heaters and gas lines in all the well houses and constructed a chain-link fence around well #4. A sleeve insertion was fitted in well #1 to repair a pitted well casing. Well house # 1 was completely rebuilt, and a new electric heater and a transformer were installed in the house.

Monthly drinking water operating reports and wastewater discharge reports were electronically submitted to the Ohio Environment Protection Agency. Chlorine, fluoride, chloride, hardness, nitrate, total dissolved solids, volatile organic compounds and total coliform bacteria parameters were routinely analyzed throughout the year. Non-routine parameters analyzed in 2015 included Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic Acids which levels tested below the action limits.

The fluoride quality control samples were tested monthly to insure accuracy of fluoride dosages and the village also received the 2014Water Fluoridation Quality Award from the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

Grant monies from the Ohio EPA were used to collect ambient ground water samples, and the village resumed quarterly monitoring of the well field with funding from a Miami Conservancy District grant. Disinfection by-products were also tested in two locations, and test results showed that the level of by-products was well under the action limits.

Employees of the water works department attended various training classes, seminars and county meetings. The Drinking Water Source Protection Committee, which oversees the implementation of the Drinking Water Source Protection Plan, also met once in 2015.

Part two of the water distribution system section concentrated on the maintenance and repairs to the water mains, the two elevated storage tanks, the Houck Meadows booster station, and the fire hydrants throughout the village.

The administrative office reported improvements at the Enon Government Center during 2015, including the installation of a new projection system in council chambers. A new business-class email account was also set up for all employees, council members and the mayor.

Village leaders continued to serve on the Keep Clark County Beautiful Committee, the Transportation Coordinating Committee, and the Western Clark County Business Coalition in 2015. The village also participated in share programs with other local government agencies and partnered with Wright Patterson Air Force Base and the Springfield Air National Guard Base.

The village street department maintained a comprehensive maintenance and repair program in 2015, including timely snow removal, street sweeping, tree trimming and asphalt repair. Fairfield Pike, Brunswick Drive and Bobwhite Drive were resurfaced, and new stop and speed limit signs were installed throughout the village.

Approximately 130 tons of road salt, at $72 per ton, was purchase through the ODOT Cooperative Purchasing Program and addition concrete supports were added to the village salt bin.

The zoning department continued to use ZonePro software program to monitor all building activity in 2015, and village officials cracked down on owners of public nuisance properties and residents who violated the grass clipping ordinance.

A major development agreement was also coordinated between the village council members and Speedway LLC.

The village also maintained a vehicle maintenance program throughout the year on all vehicles and equipment used by village employees.

The report includes various achievements and accomplishments of village government during 2015, including a listing of community events the village hosted, and amendments to codified ordinances that were approved throughout the year.

By Linda Collins

For the Herald

Linda Collins is a freelance reporter for Greene County News.

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