American at war with America

By Dean Gordin

The release of the FBI – DOJ memo has resulted in a firestorm of horrendous impact.

Had there been any semblance of adult, realistic, bi-partisanship in the House Intelligence Committee, the report releases should have been a document agreed to by the entire committee. This would have been noble and proper. Instead with all Republicans voting AYE and all Democrats voting NAY, Chairman Nunes by a unanimous vote of the GOP majority released the document.

There has been and are still unlawful actions and wrongful acts on-going in these two agencies. The documentation alleged in the memo the the “dossier” is the basis for obtaining FISA court authority to spy on American citizens during the 2016 campaign and beyond the election, is another result of the “win at all costs” mantra that has become the game plan in “the swamp.”

Up until the Vietnam War, there was intense, but civilized political campaigning, without the hatred of today.

Sad, but classic example: In his “State of the Union” address to the Congress and the American people, President Trump commented as to the greatness of America and how wonderful it is to stand for our National Anthem, place our hands over our hearts as we say the Pledge of Allegiance and how great it is to see our American flag, what it represents and honor the dedication and sacrifice of our service men and women in our country’s history.

To the right of center-aisle in the House Chamber, the Democrats, via Polosi, Hoyer, Schumer, Durbin, Book and nearl y all of the rest sat, glowered and disgraced themselves and their party.

Today Truman, Kennedy, Fulbright, Moynihan and dozens of other patriotic and noble public servants would not accept such unworthy actions and policies as the mantra of the liberal angry Democrat party of today.

Public officials should appeal to the best in us – the not the worst of our may shortcomings. Murphy’s Law is gaining ground.

By Dean Gordin

Dean Gordin is a local resident and guest columnist.

Dean Gordin is a local resident and guest columnist.