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By Bill Taylor

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It seems to me that the Administration (and its Congressional vassals) is using THEGWAR strategy in running this country. I guess I’d better explain what that term means. It goes back to when I was drawing a paycheck for doing engineering type stuff.

Some of the guys I worked with “brown-bagged” their lunches and used the time to play cards in a little break/conference office area - and I occasionally sat in.

The game was usually “Hearts” or occasionally “Euchre” but never bridge — nothing intense, just a friendly game. Well, as you can imagine, these card games sometimes attracted a few kibitzers, that is, onlookers who offered unwanted advice to the players — and some of those yahoos got pretty obnoxious with their comments. As a result, the players devised a strategy to deal with the problem.

When kibitzing got a out of hand one of the players would signal the others by scratching his head or some other agreed upon sign and play then became erratic if not bizarre. Players no longer necessarily followed suit; 10’s may have become “high,” a player might call for a “re-deal” in middle of a hand; all kinds of crazy things would go on. In the meantime the players continued as if this were normal.

They were playing THEGWAR - THE Game Without Any Rules - which was not precisely an accurate descriptor. They simply ignored some rules, modified others and made up new ones on the fly. The object was to confound, confuse, and counter the kibitzers who were unable to follow what was going on and were therefore effectively silenced. It worked as the kibitzers drifted away leaving the players to resume normal play. One of the interesting comments I recall was when one of the onlookers said something like this, “I sure can’t figure out the rules of this game.” To which one of the players replied, “Well, you don’t have to. This is our game and we’ll play it any way we want to.”

OK, back to what I see as the Administration’s version of THEGWAR. Look at the way rules, and even laws, are bent, twisted, and ignored. The IRS mess involving targeting certain organizations and individuals sure didn’t follow the established rules and may even have broken the law. When it became public, the IRS simply changed the rules so it could continue the same practice. THEGWAR.

Immigration law? Maybe follow the rules, maybe not. Recall when Congress refused to change the immigration law to allow millions of “undocumented immigrants” effective amnesty? The White house decided to ignore the law and issued a new “rule” permitting this very same action. Deport folks who have had a deportation order against them? Not necessarily - especially if they’re related to our Chief Executive.

Prohibit states from protecting themselves from the effects of illegal immigrants while refusing to enforce immigration laws? THEGWAR Let’s see now, what about that “fast and furious” fiasco in which the law was completely ignored as we enabled drug lords access to high-powered weapons. Recall the “red line” rule in Syria? It disappeared. Then, too we signed onto a guarantee of Ukraine sovereignty in return for their getting rid of all nuclear weapons — wanna bet how long that “rule” will last? While the rest of the world

tries to figure out what’s going on with this country, we’re playing THEGWAR. It’s hard to know where to begin looking at Obamacare and the way the “rules” keep changing without regard for the law. Businesses, insurance companies, states, and individuals can’t keep up with all the twists and turns of this program. “Friday afternoon” leaks of the latest rule changes have become commonplace and leave the country trying to figure out what’s next. THEGWAR’s finest example.

You know, the current occupant of the White House has repeatedly said he will run this country the way he wants to - using his executive authority and “a phone and a pen” to that end regardless of what the law says or Congress does. Sure sounds like the reply to the guy wanting to know the rules of the card game. “This is our game and we’ll play it any way we want to.”

Well, the guys who invented THEGWAR did it so they could enjoy their card games in peace. The Administration, however, is obviously using this strategy to further its agenda regardless of existing law, rules, or regulations. It’s a sad state of affairs when the House of Representatives has to pass a resolution instructing the White House to follow the laws of this country but that’s what happens when the Administration plays THEGWAR. At least that’s how it seems to me.

Bill Taylor, a Greene County Daily columnist and area resident, may be contacted at solie1@juno.com.

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