Parks offer naturalist-led programs to local districts

August 23, 2014

XENIA — Naturalist-led programs designed to assist schools with inquiry learning and curriculum requirements are being offered by Greene County Parks & Trails (GCP&T) to local districts, says the GCP&T Chief Naturalist.

All programs can be taught within a GCP&T site, although multiple programs can also be scheduled within a school classroom. Programs are designed by grade level, says GCP&T Chief Naturalist Cris Barnett.

“We know how vital hands-on learning can be within the classroom,” Barnett says, “and want to make sure all Greene County students have the opportunity to discover the natural world right outside their door. Appreciating the natural sciences can ignite a student’s interest in all science, technology, engineering and mathematics content areas.”

Most field trips need to be scheduled a minimum of six to eight weeks in advance, she adds.

Topics that may be scheduled as either a field trip or classroom presentation include weather, water cycle, habitats, air quality, rocks/fossils/soil, animal life cycle, Ohio history, Native American culture and the Underground Railroad. Field trip opportunities include plant life cycle, maple sugaring, ecosystems, food web and more.

For more details and costs, call Greene County Parks & Trails at 937-562-6440 or email jbowman @co.greene.oh.us.