Great news about health care

By Al Kuchinka

August 2, 2014

What is a reasonable cost for operations? That question is seldom asked because it depends upon fees charged by the surgeon, hospital, anesthesiologist and any laboratories involved – most of which charge what they believe the market will bear. We now have available, online from www.surgerycenterok.com/pricing, a price list for many operations.

The Surgery Center of Oklahoma (SCO) has been open for 17 years, but 5 years ago decided to publish online the fees charged for various operations. Drs. Keith Smith and Steven Lantier, both anesthesiologists, felt the need to provide quality healthcare at reasonable prices. They contact local specialists and negotiate the fees charged. They include a reasonable fee for their services and add in a fair profit.

There are no hidden fees or charges.

They do not accept government funding for anything; your medical history and information are therefore not available online to the federal government – or anyone else. Most doctors agreed to computerize patient medical records and make them available online to the federal government, in return for reimbursements of the approximately $100,000 it cost them to do so.

Best of all, SCO’s maintains a zero or near-zero infection rate. Dr. Smith, CEO and managing partner of SCO believes their unbelievable low infection rate is due to their near-zero turnover rate in personnel. He commented, “Many of the people – in fact all of the people that worked for me 17 years ago – are either [still] working here, or they’re completely retired…. They just feel like it’s the best job they’ve ever had. People that are working in the same environment every day know the routine.”(1)

Hopefully, Drs. Smith and Lantier will soon have competition in our area. News of their phenomenal results has been getting out, not only on alternative news websites, but also in the form of major network coverage and in major political and medical circles.

(1) Jasper, William F., “Healthcare’s Free Market Alternative,” The New American, 7 Jul 2014, pp 10-15.

Al Kuchinka is a local resident and columnist.