Volunteers sought for butterfly garden

April 29, 2014

CAESARSCREEK TOWNSHIP — The Caesarscreek Township Butterfly Garden is beginning its third season and is located at the Caesarscreek Township House, 2034 East Spring Valley–Paintersville Road.

Community members interested in butterfly gardening are invited to join the group of volunteers who maintain the garden. Volunteers plant and maintain a 4 X 8 raised bed. Volunteers provide their own raised bed made from three, eight foot two by fours and their own plants. The township mows the garden and mulch is provided. Volunteers are asked to check their flowerbeds at least once per week

Flowering trees are needed. Trees can be planted in memory of a loved one. New and interested volunteers are asked to contact Wallace Campbell using email wcampbell1@hughes.net.

The garden is open to the pubic from daybreak to dark. The best time to see butterflies is on a warm sunny day when there is little to no wind. Butterflies must have a body temperature of at least 85 degrees to fly. Butterfly gardens require two kinds of plants. Host plants are needed as food for caterpillars and nectar plants are needed as a food source for adult butterflies.