Letters to the editor - Kindness in the cold

April 22, 2014

Kindness in the cold


Was I your 90-year-old grandmother standing beside her Ford van in that bitter cold wind Tuesday afternon March 25?

I was on eastbound US Route 35 near Bickett Road when the alternator quit — no battery. To make matters worse, my 4-month-old cell phone had another bad battery.

The temperature was in the mid-20s and a wind chill was a lot colder. My wool sweater and bright red windbreaker were not enough to keep out the chill. I had no way to get needed help, unless from some one of the dozens of you that sped past.

After about 20 minutes a nice lady stopped and almost immediately a gentlemen stopped. They tried to get me warm in her car for a bit and called AAA. Which AAA would take at least a half hour for the tow my car to Chillicothe. The Greene County Sheriff stopped and also gave me assistance as well.

God bless you all.

I try to understand the fear you must have had. Maybe it was that hidden accomplice who must be hidden in my van? By being consumed with our everyday lives and agendas, have we lost all human compassion? I could not have slept a wink that night if I had drivn past you. I would have slowed-and/or backed up; lowered my window a safe bit and asked if I could help or call 911 for you … keeping a foot on the accelerator ready to make a fast get-a-way.

My heartfelt thanks to Sheriff Chris Longworth and the two Samaritans who stopped, warmed me, and made calls.

— Grace M. Chillicothe, Ohio