Funderburg Road project to reduce water main breaks

By Amanda Crowe acrowe@civitasmedia.com

March 4, 2014

FAIRBORN — An upcoming construction project is expected to alleviate the frequent water main breaks on Funderburg Road.

Since 2007, there have been seven waterline breaks on the water main within the 400 block of Funderburg Road, mainly between Superior Avenue and Wilbur Avenue.

“This section runs in front of Fire Station No. 4, creating potential disruption when a run would need to be made during a waterline break,” said Civil Engineer Lee Harris.

The existing water main is 8-inch diameter cast iron, which was manufactured in the 1950s. Over time and in conjunction with manufacturing flaws, cracks develop from the internal water pressure, surrounding earth movement and temperature differences during seasonal changes.

“These breaks have caused substantial roadway damage,” Harris said. “The line is pretty deteriorated and is definitely in need of replacement.”

Due to the nature of the line breaks, this 1,000-foot section of waterline in its entirety will be replaced. Funderburg Road resurfacing has been postponed over the past several years because of the reoccurring breaks. The roadway is scheduled to be replaced this summer.

During their Feb. 17 meeting, Councilman Rob Hoffman asked why it has taken so long to replace the line.

“One issue is that we’ve been trying to get some funding from the Water Department to do the replacement, but we’ve also been trying to time it with the Street Resurfacing Program to help prevent us from coming back and replacing things after resurfacing,” said Harris.

The existing waterline will be replaced with ductile cast iron pipe (DIP) to provide a more flexible, yet more durable water main. The preliminary engineering estimate for replacement was $218,925. Funding for the waterline replacement construction has been budgeted in the Water Construction Fund in the amount of $235,000.

Bids for the construction were solicited and received Jan. 29 from seven companies. The lowest bid was from Stauffer Site Services for $147,400. The Engineering Division requested a 10 percent contingency be added to cover any additional work needed as the work is all underground.

Council awarded the contract to Stauffer Site Services for an amount not to exceed $162,140. The contractor is required to submit a construction bond for 100 percent of the improvements.

Water service laterals will be replaced from the main line to the curb stop valves, and property water lines will not be affected.

“Water customers will be notified in advance of all the work and water service interruptions to customers will be minimized as much as we can,” Harris said. “Our goal is to get their water back on in same day, within a couple hours.”