Greenon student arrested for inducing panic

February 26, 2014

MAD RIVER TOWNSHIP — A Greenon student has been arrested for writing a threat on a restroom wall Thursday.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office received a report at 3 p.m. Feb. 27 from Greenon High School officials advising that a threat had been written inside the boys’ restroom at the school at 3950 South Tecumseh Road. Deputies and detectives responded to the school and found that someone had written, “I want to kill someone in the school this is a threat,” on the restroom wall.

Clark County Sheriff detectives began their investigation into the incident and were able to identify the student who had written the threat. Detectives discovered that the suspected student was also the student that had originally reported the threat to school officials.

The 15-year-old male student was taken into custody and will be charged with one count of felony inducing panic, one count of making a false report and one count of criminal damaging. He was placed in the Clark County Juvenile Detention Center.