Mad River Township trustees commend road crew

By Linda Collins Special Correspondent

January 19, 2014

MAD RIVER TOWNSHIP — The trustees expressed their appreciation to Mad River Township Road Superintendent Don O’Connor and the township road crew for their exemplary service during the winter storms that have blanketed the area.

Trustee Kathy Estep noted Monday evening that a big demand had been placed on the road superintendent and his small road crew in recent weeks and praised the township employees for keeping local roads safe for township residents.

Trustee Robert McClure also commended O’Connor and the road crew for swiftly clearing the township roadways following the snowfall and blustery conditions that cause substantial drifting of snow.

“We have received a lot of snow this winter, and you and your crew have done a great job plowing and salting the roads,” McClure said.

O’Connor expressed his gratitude as well to his road crew for working long hours as temperatures dived to a record low, and the crew was faced with increasing icy conditions.

“The crew and I were out clearing the roads by 6 a.m. for several days,” said O’Connor. “I am anticipating more snow this week, and we will be ready when we are needed.”

According to O’Connor, the township’s supply of salt had dwindled significantly by the end of 2013.

“We used up 375 tons by the end of the year,” O’Connor said. “This is considerably more than in past years.”

The road superintendent also reported that only 100 tons of salt and 150 tons of grit remained in the township’s bins, but he had ordered 150 tons of salt to meet ongoing demands.

The township road crew maintains roads in several residential areas, including Holiday Valley, Hunter’s Glen, West Enon Estates, Green Meadows, Ashbrook Estates and Lindair Acres, as well as the roads in the outlining areas of the township, including Rebert Pike and Snider, Hagen, Old Mill, W. Jackson, and Fowler Roads.

O’Connor and his road crew are also directing their attention to repairing potholes that have cropped up on township roadways following the recent deep freeze and sudden thaw. O’Connor said his crew had been out patching townships roads, but motorists should take heed to the fact that weather conditions will likely lead to more pot holes on local roads.

“We used two tons of cold patch on Old Mill Road, and we also have to repair a 25- by 10-foot hole at 4577 Green Meadows Drive,” said O’Connor.

O’Connor pointed out that the cold patch is just a quick fix, and the township road crew will be inspecting the township roadways more in the spring.

In other business, Enon and Mad River Township Fire and EMS Chief Tracy Young reported that the fire and EMS department responded to 175 calls in December which was an 11 percent increase compared to December 2013. Young said these responses included three back-to-back runs on Christmas Day to administer emergency treatment to residents who were suffering cardiac arrests.

“This is highly unusual that an EMS department would receive three back-to-back calls to treat individuals who were suffering a cardiac arrest,” Young said.

Young noted that all three victims receive treatment and were transported to a local hospital.

Township Sheriff’s Deputy

Mad River Township Sheriff’s Deputy Jeff Wise reported that several mailboxes had been vandalized along Hagen Rd. in the Echo Hills Estates. He noted that law enforcement was focusing on several local teens.

The deputy stated that cuts in state funding to the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) had triggered a demand for local law enforcement to respond to more traffic accidents on public roadways. According to Wise, only one state trooper is assigned to Clark County.

“When there is only one OSHP unit covering Clark County, local and county law enforcement have to pick up the slack,” Wise said.

Wise also reported to trustees that the Fox Shooting Loft, located at 8300 Dayton Springfield Road, would be opening a shooting range in February. The local business, which is a sister company to Fox Lite High Technology Plastics, opened a full-line gun shop in December 2012.

“I expect that the township will soon receive some complaints from nearby residents about the noise coming from the shooting range,” said Wise.

The Mad River Township Trustees will be observing Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, Jan. 19 and not meet. The township trustees will meet 7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 20 at 260 E. Main St.