Gold Wing riders spread Christmas spirit

By Amanda Crowe Editor

December 24, 2013

FAIRBORN — Some Fairborn seniors received a special delivery over the weekend as local motocyclists spread the spirit of Christmas.

Chapter F of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association went shopping Saturday evening at the Dayton-Yellow Springs Kroger to check off the items on the lists of the senior families they sponsor through the Fairborn Christmas Project. The group has participated in this annual holiday charity for more than 20 years, according to member and Fairbornite Jo Ann Collins.

“My heart is so sad that with everyone talking about Cyber Monday, Black Friday and green shopping days,‬ they have lost the true meaning of christmas,” Collins said. “I am seeing people giving up their pets they can’t afford to feed, losing their food stamps and medical care with government changes, and some even struggling to keep‬ ‪a roof over their head or electric and gas on. People need to get back to the reason for the season which‬ ‪is goodwill towards neighbors and friends, and be aware of those needing help and give the gift of‬ ‪food, heat or housing to help each other.”

The local chapter sponsored nine senior families this year ranging in age from 78 to 97, some of which they have sponsored over the years. They choose to sponsor seniors to make sure they are not forgotten.They spent $800.

The group is sure to purchase the things the families need to make a Christmas dinner along with everyday staples such as sugar and eggs. They don’t just buy food but also items like paper products, cleaning supplies, bars of soap and pet food.

“If you want the spirit of giving and being thankful, then‬ ‪just help those in need. The joy it will give the heart outweights the waiting in line at Best Buy for the newest‬ ‪electronic gift,” ‬said Collins.

Twenty-six members from Fairborn, Beavercreek, Xenia, Centerville and Dayton, went on the run Sunday to deliver the food and goods to the families. They always deliver something special in addition to the food, and the riders always sing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” before they leave a stop.

“It’s never too late to donate food to a food bank and blood to the blood bank or to volunteer at local churches or soup kitchens and shelters. You can even adopt a pet and save them for the holiday,” Collins said.

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