Trittschuh gets 2 years for 10 felonies charges

Clinton Randall, Staff Writer

December 17, 2013

GREENVILLE - A local father of three is on his way to Orient, Ohio to begin a two-year prison sentence for multiple felony convictions.

Daniel L Trittschuh, 27, of Greenville was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty in November to 10 separate felony charges. He was convicted on one count of Burglary, a felony of the third degree; two counts of Grand Theft, fourth degree felonies; four counts of Forgery, two counts of Trafficking in Drugs and a sole count of Complicity to Theft, all felonies of the fifth degree.

The burglary charge stemmed from an Aug. 9 incident where Trittschuh stole from his grandparents to allegedly support his admitted drug abuse problem. According to a pre-sentence investigation, his drug use dates back to childhood starting with heroin use at age 12, followed by methamphetamine and cocaine abuse as a teenager. The court determined that all of the criminal offenses were drug motivated in some way.

“I believe Daniel would benefit from the MonDay Program with having a horrific drug problem,” Trittschuh’s defense attorney David A. Rohrer stated prior to sentencing. “As much as we don’t like to see a young man break into his grandparents home, I don’t think their was any harm intended, he just wanted to steal stuff to be able to buy drugs.”

“All of my co-defendants have used me as a scape route,” Trittschuh pleaded with the judge. “I would like to be released on house arrest or an OR [Own Recognizance] bond before I go to MonDay Program.”

In lieu of a community control sanction that would involve an evaluation for the MonDay Program, Darke County Common Pleas Court Judge Jonathan P. Hein ruled to send Trittschuh to serve 24 months, with 4 months time served. The judge ordered Trittschuh to pay restitution of over $3,000 to several local financial institutions and law enforcement agencies.

He will be placed on post release control for a period of 36 months after he completes the prison sentence. He is scheduled to appear in a Miami County courtroom Dec. 23 for a pending felony case.

The case was handled by Darke County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Deborah S. Quigley for the state.